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Retail Management



Our Retail Management Software manage your retail operations faster, better, and smarter. It automates many of the daily tasks that would otherwise need to be done manually by employees, and allows your business to expand and reach a larger audience without paying for additional staff. Deployment is simple: Retail Software is an entirely web-based solution. It requires no installation on your server or desktop, and provides full functionality from any web-connected device. Depending on your existing software platforms, we can often get you up and running in 4 to 6 weeks.

Below is a list of some of the features that are available immediately when you start using Retail software. However, we often create customized programs to fit the needs of each individual client. Whatever specific issues your business is facing, Retail Software can adapt to address them.


  1. Inventory Management
    • Maintain inventory accuracy to reflect availability at retail locations and warehouse
    • Automatically update inventory in near-real time to e-commerce site as well as third-party sellers (Amazon, eBay, etc.)
    • Define the frequency of inventory updates
    • Filter inventory by any combination of store, vendor, department, product, etc.
    • View full transaction history for any SKU
    • Track which orders are on hold or in transit
    • Publish replenishment report

  2. Order Management and E-Commerce Fulfillment
    • View edit orders and invoices (records of shipment)
    • Organizing orders by current fulfillment status
    • Maintain history of all status log entries for each line item on every order
    • Route packing slips to multiple fulfillment centers via web-based interface
    • Easily sync data with UPS or FedEx shipping software to generate shipping labels
    • Optionally email tracking information directly to customers

  3. Online Catalog Publishing
    • Import available POS product data into online catalog format
    • Easily add product information, descriptions, and images with the catalog template
    • Automatically feed data and edits to e-commerce site
    • Assign products to web departments based on customizable business rules
    • Allow multiple staff to work simultaneously from anywhere

  4. Vendor Inventory Integration
    • Increase revenue and product selection without increasing inventory costs
    • Capture inventory data from vendors to reflect current availability
    • Sell product from cache of vendor inventory
    • Automatically generate drop-ship (vendor ships directly to customer) and turnaround (vendor ships to retailer, retailer ships to customer) purchase orders for vendor
    • Gather shipment tracking information from vendor to relay to retailer and customer

  5. Third-Party Seller Integration
    • Create automated product-based data feeds to send to search engines as well as Amazon, eBay, etc.
    • Capture orders from these third-party sellers
    • Create two-way communication with online third-party sellers
  6. Sales & Marketing

  7. Sales Management
    • Filter sales by any combination of store, vendor, department, product, etc.
    • Provide easy year to year comparison
    • Calculate gross margin ROI
    • Calculate sell-through percentage
    • Provide sales percentages by department for store
    • Monitor actual sales vs. sales goal projects in near-real time

  8. Customer Management
    • Offer advanced customer search using demographic and purchase history criteria
    • Record comprehensive customer purchase history
    • Export results instantly

  9. Customer Mailing
    • Generate mailing lists and email lists based on custom business logic and target mailing sizes

  10. In-Store Email Receipts
    • Generate and deliver e-receipts for in-store purchases
    • Provide an easy method for capturing customer email addresses
    • Allow customers to receive e-receipt but opt out of marketing campaigns

  11. Price Promotions
    • Manage sale price for all web products
    • Apply promotional discounts across any subset of data (e.g. 10% off retail price of all watches)

  12. Cross Promotions
    • Assign cross promotions to products according to business rules
    • Automatically deliver cross-promotional data to e-commerce provider

  13. Rewards Points Program
    • Cultivate customer loyalty with incentives
    • Create reward promotions (e.g. double reward points for all watches purchased)
    • Provide individual profile pages where customers can view their reward account

  14. Comparison Charts
    • Produce dynamic, sortable comparison charts so customers may view similar products side-by-side
    • Specify comparison categories for each department (e.g. sleeping bags may be compared by length, weight, and temperature rating)

  15. Customer Product Reviews
    • Provide template for customers to write and publish reviews of their purchases
    • Display customer reviews for future customers to see

  16. Human Resources & IT

  17. Client Intranet Portal
    • Create your own navigation options (tabs, menus, submenus) within Retail Software
    • Upload important employee documents and announcements
    • Customize employee access to pages published on Software based on security clearance, department, etc.

  18. Human Resource Management
    • Manage employee forms (e.g. W-4, 401K, etc.)
    • Monitor completion of required employee training sessions

  19. Online Staff Scheduler
    • Create and post employee schedules online
    • Streamline the process with the provided scheduling template
    • Generate overlap report to prevent scheduling conflicts and redundant scheduling
    • Post schedules so employees can easily review shifts from home

  20. Online Time Clock
    • Allow employees to clock in/out via secure website
    • Publish real-time wage reports
    • Compare scheduled time vs. actual time (requires Time Clock and Scheduling Module)
    • Export payroll hours to third-party vendors (e.g. ADP, Paychex)

  21. Purchasing & Inventory Management

  22. Order Fulfillment
    • Capture orders from e-commerce site and third-party sellers
    • Automate shipment invoice generation based on availability and customized business rules
    • Define rules for “fill exceptions,” or orders requiring manual review
    • Route packing slips to multiple fulfillment centers
    • Seamlessly export shipment data to UPS and FedEx shipping software
    • Manage orders and invoices throughout entire fulfillment lifecycle with detailed status history for each line item of an order
    • Flag specific statuses to automatically generate an order status email for customers
    • Automatically generate shipment confirmation emails and deliver directly to customers

  23. Warehouse Stock Locator Utility
    • Organize products by bin/shelf locations at each store/warehouse
    • Generate pick lists in order by bin location to streamline order fulfillment at warehouse
    • Capture and update stock bin locations via simple handheld scanners using SKU or UPC code

  24. Triple Matching
    • Match supplier invoices to Retail Advance purchase orders and vouchers
    • Confirm that the product received was the product paid for
    • Only pay for products received
    • Integrate with QuickBooks (integration with other accounting applications available)

  25. Purchasing Management
    • Display POs by store, product, vendor, product, etc.
    • Generate emails with POs as .csv attachments
    • Deliver Pos to qualified vendors via EDI
    • Deliver Pos to certain vendors (e.g. Patagonia) via B2B portal
    • Manage POs, vouchers, payables and short shipments