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Risk Management Outsourcing Services

Information Security

Every business today is largely dependent on strong and robust Information Technology (IT) practices. Without a strong information security system, companies are vulnerable to a host of problems like hacking, data leakages and virus / malware attacks, which can lead to a complete shutdown of their IT functions.

Information security has become a strategic aspect of every business in order to protect a company’s information systems from manipulation, external malicious attacks and internal data breaches. Information security is increasingly becoming a strategic tool to gain competitive edge that will directly impact a company’s revenue and bottom line.

ADM SOFT TECH has a robust platform that enables it to increase situational awareness, reduce organizational risk, provide broader security visibility and improve security response times. After running a best-in-class Security Operations Center (SOC) for its own business, ADM SOFT TECH now extends these SOC services to its clients.

ADMASIA’s Information Security Services include:

  • IT Security Infrastructure Management
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Services
  • Remote Monitoring Services
  • Vulnerability Assessment / Penetration Testing Services
  • Information Security audits
  • Application Security Testing
  • Digital Forensics