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Inventory Management



Our Inventory Management software track and monitor your single location businesses’ inventory in real-time on a user-friendly interface. Save time by avoiding any manual count of items and lower costs by knowing when to restock and by how much. Even manage the purchase and reorder process directly from the management console after recognizing low stock levels.


  • Real-time tracking
  • Monitor inventory levels in real-time so you know how much of an item is available at that exact moment.

  • Save time
  • Input how much inventory your single location business has on the management. Avoid having to manually count inventory again and save countless hours.

  • Lower costs
  • Don’t over or under order for inventory. By monitoring inventory in real-time, users can determine the best times to reorder and by how much.

  • Calculated waste loss
  • Revel’s management console calculates waste loss variance and waste loss percentages automatically, helping your business manage shrinkage or loss.

  • Automatic alerts
  • Set up low-stock alert thresholds within the management console and Revel will automatically alert you once you have passed below a certain level to remind you to reorder.

  • Purchase order creation
  • Easily generate purchase orders directly from the management console once you have determined when it is time to reorder items. Document vendor contact information and link their details to products for purchase order creation. Once you’ve received the orders, you can notify the system so it can automatically update the inventory.