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Hospital Management

Hospital Management System (HMS) is one of the premium products of ADM SOFT TECH

The product and features of Healthcare Application Software for Hospitals ,Pathology, Laboratory, Diagnostic Centers, Clinics, OPDs, IPDs, Pharmacy, Blood Banks, Financial Accounting, HR & Payroll

Hospital Management System

Features of HMS are easily track the information of all the staffs, patients, treatment provided, and prescription and also to generate periodic reports for analysis. The main purpose of this software is to reduce the time taken through manual system in order to maintain all the records.

Hospital Having 10 to 1000 bed capacity can automate and integrate all departments.

Pathology Management systems

To computerise pathology labs by using our pathology lab management software. It generates all types of reports for pathology labs. It handles billing, inventory, accounting, staff etc.,function of any small to big laboratory.

Pharmacy Management System

A Pharmacy Management Softwareis able to maintain all Medical Shop record on computers no matter whether it is Sale Bill, Purchase Bill, Expiry Medicine etc. Fully networked based and will be managed by the latest technology tools. Software will be easy to use and fully graphical interface will be provided to the end user. This software will make your Pharmacy complete automation.

Blood Bank Management System

Our Online Blood bank management softwareis specifically designed to process, store, retrieve and analyze the information concerned with the inventory and administration within a blood bank. This module has been developed with the aim of maintaining information pertaining to blood donors & receivers and also provides facility of knowing that required blood group is available or not at approached hospital or diagnostic center.


This project is helpful to reduce the time and complexity of maintaining the records. It also helps in accurate maintenance of Inpatient and Outpatient details. Hospital Information Management solution delivers a web based, modular, scalable and tightly integrated system that is built around the core functions supporting hospital administration, financials and patient management.

The modular approach allows you to add on other supported clinical and ancillary solutions that allow you to build a system to meet your complete health information system and budgetary requirements.

It also allows your organization to achieve requirements for an electronic health record, patient safety, revenue cycle management and more. Developed using healthcare industry standards like HL7 messaging and DICOM, our solution allows seamless integration with your third-party IT solutions