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General Features:

MLM (network marketing) software that are developed for fulfilling the expectations of multi-level marketing. The sets of multi-level marketing software have been developed by our expert software development team, having years of experience. The software includes multiple plans that have been incorporated after wide analysis of present and forthcoming multi-level marketing needs.

Our creation follows a mixture of far-sighted research, advanced technology and execution of properly fabricated strategies handling comprehensive and wide-ranging needs like organizing protected administrative control panel to direct and manage all associates (upline and downline members) and set fondness for AWS-MLM. Protected Associate Panel are installed to follow stats and make self-modification of contact information.

We are dedicated to render efficient and the best result-oriented MLM software solutions to your imagination and notions by achieving and bringing the project in the way you aspire for. An eas handling admin panel and member panel with high-quality Data Base Security, Payment Gateway System, SMS Panel integrations are some of the exclusive features of the software. We provide sets of best services in the form of best quality and designing along with servers and flexible services in MLM arena-

  • The software has been developed by using cutting-edge technology by our expert professionals who are expertise in software development.
  • With our appropriateness and master skills, we deliver finest products and services to our clients.
  • Custom-built software exactly meets your business expectations.

General Features:

  • Web based MLM software:Flexibility to work from anywhere anytime.
  • Easy Integration with Email and SMS:SMS Integration enables the software to send an auto SMS on triggering of important events such as member registration, Commission, Payments made etc.
  • Content Management Driven: Our web based MLM software is based on a Content Management System with pages generated dynamically. The CMS allows Admin to add, modify and delete pages in the site.
  • Add Multiple Products:The robust software provide the flexibility to add multiple products with different joining amount, Commission, P.V. etc.
  • Multi User / User Level Permission:The Admin can grant the users with a permission level. It includes the permission to do add a page, editing a page and deleting a page etc.
  • Complete Audit trail / System Log formation:All of our power packed web based MLM software provide a complete log system. Logs and system records are prepared for all the entries done by the user when he /she is logged (Audit trial) along with Date time, IP, session so that there is no moment that is missed.
  • Data Dump export feature:Our smart MLM software’s allows an excel dump of the master data to be taken so you never loose any data.
  • Dynamic Tax calculations:Calculate tax as per your system .Our trustworthy software enables all tax calculations including Calculation of TDS and Admin charges from the member commissions. The MLM software also allows to define a Dynamic Tax system based on which the tax calculations can be done by the system automatically.
  • Commissions Management:

    • Automatic Renewal of commissions: Our intelligent software computes and deducts the renewal fees from the member commission automatically so that you don’t have to worry about the complicated calculations. Our software does it for you!!
    • Easily Modify Commission Structure:Get complete control over the plan. Our highly flexible MLM software gives you total control with the option to modify the commission structure including alteration of the commission amount due including Binary, Royalty, Level and award & rewards commissions.
    • Fully Automated Commission Calculations:Whatever may be the cycle of your commission calculations our software will do it accordingly. For eg if your commission calculation is daily 3 times, so be it.
    • a) Our networking marketing software calculates the commission as per the commission cycle automatically.
    • b) Easy View of the commissions: No need to click any button or open any admin module. Get the Calculated commissions are sent in your inbox and mobile as an email and SMS respectively.
    • Member Fund Management:This enables the admin to Add or remove an amount from the member account. This could be in lieu of the Advance paid to member or Extra TDS deduction carried from the commission.
    • Member Management:

      • Complete Member Management:Built by the expert team of Software Developers, Our MLM software envisages end to end member management system. It consists of :
      • Member Tree:Admin can view the member tree in a “upside down” tree format. It also includes viewing information like which member has sponsored which other people and other vital details including Joining data, Product Purchase, Sponsor and parent Details etc.
      • Search:Searching a member using the MLM software. Blocking a member:Our MLM software easily allows a particular member(s) to be blocked from the system which prevents them from login in the system.
      • True Member Management:Modify member details using the software. Member Messaging System:Our power packed software allows members to send and receive messages through the software in their member’s area.
      • Promote a Member:Ability to change the member in a rank base mlm plan.

      Pin Generation Management:

      • Pin Generation:Admin has the flexibility to generate pins (a random number) either for franchise or for a member. Each pin is assigned for a particular product. By this pin a new member can also register.
      • Seamless integration of the newly generated Pin into a Member account: If a pin is generated for a member then it will be visible into the members account whenever he/ she logs in to member module. Also while making a pin for member, the software has an additional facility to send the pin generated to the respective member by email and/or sms.
      • Pin Request Management:Its easy. An admin can generate a pin against any request for pin generation by a member. The Franchisee can also transfer the pin to the member against the request. For whichever members are assigned by the admin to the franchisee.
      • Extensive Pin reporting:Our software provides a complete Pin Report. The report consist of Details of all the used Pins along with association with the member. (Which member joined using which pin and when), Unused pins report and blocked pins report.
      • Integrated Printing option:Admin has the option to take a printout of the generated pin and give it to unregistered member using the Software only.

      Extensive Reporting Mechanism:

      We understand the need to analyze the data. The MLM software provides all the vital reports that are needed by the decision makers or the admin of the software. All the reports can be instantly generated through the system. Our reports give sense to your data. Some of our reports include :

      • Member Joining Report:Our joining report consists of complete statistics of new members including new Member joining as per date and location along with complete member details and info.
      • Payment Report:Complete report on the payment done to individual members including amount, date etc.
      • Commission Report:A detailed report giving complete details of various types of commission earned by member with other details.
      • Member report:Get all the information you ever wanted to know about the members. Gets a detailed report on the members including member details, DOJ etc.

      Module Based:

      Get flexibility with Modules. Our flexible and robust software has the concept of Modules where in the required modules can simply be plugged as per requirement thereby greatly enhancing the features of the software. All of our power packed modules provides complete control to the admin. These modules include :

      • News module:CMS based news module.
      • Pin Transfer Module:Admin can transfer amount to any franchisee and franchisee can transfer to any member.
      • Payment Module:NEFT payment
      • Franchise Module:Looking to manage franchisee? Simply Enable the Franchisee module. It enables end to end Franchisee Management.
      • Product Dispatch Module:A message system to members that, to which leader the company has send his product.